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Monday, October 13, 2014

Halloween Spider Craft

Halloween Spider Craft

Preschool concepts taught through this craft:  The color BLACK, & counting to 8.

All you need is 2 sheets of black construction paper, wiggly eyes, black yarn, glue & staples.

 1st- Cut 8 1" strips per spider
 Teach the children how to fold the legs accordion style
 Use this printable circle template for the spider's body.  Cut a line halfway through the circle.
 If hanging the spiders from the ceiling tie a knot in the yarn then staple it into the slot.
 It you're not hanging them, just skip the yarn steps.
 Let the children glue the legs around the circle.
 Take the cut edge and fold over slightly to make a cone shape, then staple in place.
 Add your wiggle eyes and you are finished!
Super cute!! Can you imagine 16 of these hanging from the ceiling?!?  Happy Halloween!!

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