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Thursday, October 16, 2014

More Shape Crafts for Preschoolers

Triangle, Star, Diamond & Heart Crafts

Triangle Fishes
All you'll need for this craft is: Two or three colors of cardstock cut into 3 sizes of triangles, glue & wiggly eyes.
 Glue the medium triangle on the back of the large triangle.  Glue the small triangle & the wiggly eye on the front of the large triangle.
Voila!  Cute triangle fishes that preschoolers can be proud of!
Star Sticks
 Teacher prep... Hot glue 5 sticks together to make a star.
 Give the children a page of star stickers & let them stick!
 Stickers are an awesome way to strengthen that pincer grip.
This is a very simple, and beautiful craft.  I use the same star sticks during the Christmas season to make glitter stars.
Diamond Kite Lacing
Cut out a diamond shape out of cardstock & punch holes around the edge. Click here for a free printable diamond template.
 Tie some yarn so there are two sides.  One for the string of the kite & one to lace with. Make sure the lacing side is long enough to go around the outside of the diamond.
 You can buy lacing strings that come with a plastic edge, or, you can try my shortcut and wrap some tape around it.
First the children lace the kite, then they decorate.
The kids loved this art project!
Hearts & More Hearts
A trick to make this craft as painless as possible.  Fold your streamer in half over and over to get something like this.
 Cut out half a heart on the smooth edge and get a plethora of hearts. 
 Cut a large heart out of cardstock.
 For this project I spread the glue all over the heart, & the children do the rest.
Beautiful!!  This would make a fabulous valentine!

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