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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Feelings Face Wheel Printable

This crafts is a great way to help preschoolers learn how to identify feelings.  This particular craft shows sad, happy, worried and surprised.  The children love turning the face to see what feeling will show up next.
Simple construction:  Cut out the two circles found on the free printable (below).   Cut out the dotted line where the mouths will show through.  Put the face circle on top of the feelings circle and connect them with a brad.
The kids can color the face with crayons or markers. 

Click HERE  to print the free feelings face wheel.
Recently I attended a childcare training where part of the curriculum was spent discussing ways to teach children about friendship & feelings to build a caring classroom community.
These are some of the ideas I thought would be beneficial to my group:
  • Friendship Can: Cut out strips of paper with different ways children can be a good friend written on them.  Decorate a can (maybe with children's names) and place the ideas in the can.  Have each child draw out an idea.  Encourage them to use this idea throughout the day.  Example of ideas: make something special for their friend; play with their friend; share with their friend; compliment their friend; help their friend; ect.
  • Kindness Jar:  Each time a child or caregiver notices someone being a good friend and using their friendship skills they drop a cotton ball into a large jar.  When the jar is full the class gets to have a friendship celebration.
  • Friendship Journal:  Create a friendship journal that has pictures of the children in the classroom using friendship skills.  This journal can be added to the book area for children to look at throughout the year.
  • Mirrors:  Children are given small mirrors during discussion time.  Ask the children to make their face reflect different feelings and look at themselves in the mirror.  The teacher can also read a book that is filled with feelings, the children make the face corresponding to the feeling the book is talking about. This helps the children recognize feelings in others as well as their own feelings. 
  • Feeling Hunt:  The teacher puts feeling face pictures around the room and tells a child to find a specific feeling.  Can use binoculars or magnifying glasses.  When they find the feeling they can share a time when they felt that way.
I'd love more ideas to use for our Feelings and Friendship February!  Please share :-)

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