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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Free Printable Ghost Template

Need a last minute Halloween game for your class party?  This game can be adapted for kids of ALL ages.

How to Play Musical Ghosts & Ghost Cupcake Walk  

Simply print out several ghost templates on cardstock, one for each child playing the game.  Write a number on each ghost.  Tape the ghosts to the floor in a circle. Play some Halloween music while the children walk around the ghosts. When the music stops, the children step on a ghost.  Pick a number.  The child standing on that number gets a prize.  Repeat. (Laminate your ghosts for years of use).

This game works great for older children too.  Use it as a cupcake walk.  Instead of writing numbers on the ghosts, write a math problem.  Draw out the answer to a problem when the music stops.  The children then have to figure out if the math problem they are standing on is a match to the answer drawn.  If they get it right they get a cupcake.  Repeat.

This is a fun math game any time of year! 

Simple Preparation:

Cut out your ghosts.  Write numbers or math problems on them.  Laminate.

Make your calling cards with the same numbers or answers to the math problems.  Place them in a basket or a box to draw from.

The kids love these games!!  Have fun! 

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