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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preschool Name Song Activity

If Your Name is on the Plate (Song activity)

What you'll need:  Paper plates & a permanent marker

If you're a teacher, write the names of the children in your class on paper plates. One plate per child.  If you're a mom, you can write the names of your family members.  You'll want to have more than just your child's name to work with. 

The purpose of this activity is to teach the children to recognize what their name looks like.

The tune to this song is, "If You're Happy & You Know It"

If you're name is on the plate, pick it up *pause *pause
If you're name is on the plate, pick it up *pause *pause
If you're name is on the plate, pick it up don't hesitate.
If you're name is on the plate, pick it up.

I start out by showing each plate one at a time. I ask the children to raise their hand if this is their name.  I used to ask "Who's name is this?", but some of the older children would yell out the answer before the younger children had a chance to think.  Raising hands works best with a larger group. 

Tell the children when they see their name they'll need to come pick up the plate.  Start singing and throw a plate on the ground.  Hopefully the child will recognize their name and pick up the plate.  Repeat the song until all the plates have been picked up.  Occasionally I've run into the problem that a child isn't paying attention.  I'll put the plate back in the mix & give them another chance.  If they're still not paying attention, they just miss out on the next part of the activity.  When they miss out once, they'll usually pay attention the next time.

Tell the children to hold the plate in their lap until you sing their name in the next part of the activity.  If they don't hold the plate nicely, take it away!  It may sound mean... but it's ok!  Consequences, good & bad, teach them to follow directions.  You can give them a warning first letting them know that if they hold the plate in their lap nicely then they can play the game, but if they don't, then you will take the plate away. Then follow through!

Direct the children to bring their plate to you when you sing their name, then sing the song.  I always tell the children to sing with me if they know the song. 

Sing this song to the tune of "Frere Jacques"

Where is (name of child)
Where is (name of child)
There he/she is
There he/she is
How are you today sir/mam
(The child answers) Very well, I thank you. (sometimes you need to sing this part too)
Sit back down
Sit back down

If you're not familiar with the tunes to these songs, click on the link to listen to the music.

If You're Happy and You Know It

Frere Jacques

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