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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preschool Name Craft

By the time a child enters kindergarten, they NEED to know how to write their name.  A 2 year old can recognize their name & learn the letter names & sounds. Some can even write it that young. Start teaching them early.  Don't put it off!

Here is one EASY craft to help teach a child learn to recognize & eventually write their name:

Sand Names

What you'll need:  Construction paper, glue & fine sand.


-Put the sand into a cup.

-Write the child's name with the glue on the construction paper saying the name of each letter as you go.

-Give the child the cup of sand and let them pour the sand, making sure it covers all the glue.

  -Pick up the paper and funnel the excess sand back into the cup or onto a plate (or back into the sandbox).
 -After the sand/glue dries, trace the letters with fingers. Drying time will take a couple hours.  Practice saying the letter names & sounds in order.

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