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Monday, January 12, 2015

S is for Snow --

I'm back from a wonderful break!  Time for winter &... Snowflakes!!!  Now this is the kind of snow I can handle!
Coffee filter snowflake instructions:
These are the best snowflakes to make with preschoolers.  They are thinner, therefore easier to cut. However, today I was out of coffee filters, so we had to resort to the regular paper snowflakes.

Step 1: Fold the coffee filter in half.
Step 2: Fold one side in a third of the way.
Step 3: Fold the other side over to make a triangle.

Step 4: Fold the triangle in half.
Step 5: Cut!! 
Let it SNOW!!!
Regular Paper Snowflake Folding Instructions:

Step 1: Cut 2 1/2 inches off an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper to make a square.
Step 2: Fold the square on the diagonal to make a triangle.
Step 3: Turn the triangle so the folded edge is down. Fold one edge in as shown. 

Step 4: Fold the other edge as shown.  Both edges need to line up evenly.  Refold as necessary until even.  Tip: If you are folding more than one snowflake, use your first one as a template for even folds.
Step 5: Fold the triangle in half.

Step 6: Cut a straight line from one side to the other.
Strengthen small motor skill by cutting snowflakes!  Preschoolers love this craft!! 

Enhance learning with this free printable S is for Snow preschool handwriting worksheet:

Click HERE for First School's printable S is for Snow handwriting worksheet.
Happy Winter!!  (I can say that because we rarely get snow where I live.  In fact... last week we were in the 60's!)
BTW... these 3D snowflakes make for awesome classroom decorations during the winter season!  Check them out at and search for 3D snowflakes.

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