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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Indian Feather Counting Craft

During the month of November we focus on learning numbers 1-10.  It's fun to learn numbers 1-5 with this printable Indian Headdress to go right along with the Thanksgiving theme.  And, children LOVE pretending they're Indians.

Click HERE to print the Headdress template.

Cut along the black lines to get three separate pieces.

Staple the strips together with the numbers in order.  The extra strip is for larger heads.

Let the children color the feathers & trace the numbers.  Then staple the strips together the size of the child's head.
Sing I'm A Little Indian (click HERE to listen to the song), & act out the Thanksgiving story.  Click HERE for the Pilgrim hat printable.

Teaching ideas:
Teacher points to a number and asks the children what number it is. 
When they are coloring randomly ask them to point to a number.
Count the Feathers.

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