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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Brown (Chocolate) Playdough Turkeys

Making brown playdough with food coloring can be a challenge.  But with the secret (ok, maybe not so secret) ingredient, brown playdough is a snap!
All you need to do is make my favorite playdough recipe found HERE.  Just substitute one of the cups of flour with 1 cup of baking cocoa.  The normal 6 cups of flour is now 5 C flour & 1 C baking cocoa.  The rest is the same (minus food coloring).  Easy peasy!!!
Spur some creativity.  Ask the children to make something that is brown.  We made Thanksgiving Turkeys with our brown playdough.
Fun to make during the gardening season as well.  Pretend it's dirt and grow some vegetables.
While this playdough is non toxic, I don't recommend eating it.  It is tempting with it's chocolate smell though.
**Tip... if the playdough seems too sticky, just add 1/4 c of flour during the kneading process.

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