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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Puurrrrfect Black & White Preschool Crafts

Q-Tip Skeleton Craft

Teach preschoolers the colors black & white with this scary skeleton craft.
Cut 3 q-tips in half for the ribs.  Use 4 full length for the arms and legs.  Use 1/4 size for the collar bones.  Dip the ends in glue and set on black cardstock or construction paper in the shape of a skeleton.  Use a circle of white cardstock for the skull. 
Cat Mask

Here's a puurrrfect craft to teach the color black.  Great to make at Halloween time!
I like to use craft sticks for the masks we make instead of tying yarn. 
When I searched for the link I originally used a few years ago to print this mask, I couldn't find it.  But I did find another cute cat mask to print that I will use in future years.  Click here for a printable cat mask coloring page.

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