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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Preschool Name Bingo Game

Name Bingo

The purpose of this game is to teach children to recognize the letters in their name.

First, go to one of my favorite sites and print out a blank bingo card on cardstock.  One per child.

Go to DLTK Custom Bingo Cards then follow their easy instructions (or use my helpful hints below).

    Directions to Print a Custom Bingo Card
  1.      Click on the link above, then click on 'Ready? Click here to begin'
  2.      Choose 3x3 size (or larger for older children) then click 'Next Step - Choose Theme'
  3.      Scroll all the way down and choose 'Blank' then click 'Next Step - Choose Color'
  4.      Pick color or black and white then click 'Next Step - Custom Title'
  5.      Type in the child's name where it says 'Enter your custom title here'
  6.      Click on 'Next step - Print Bingo Cards'
  7.      Click on 'Print a Bingo Card' (It will open up a new window with the custom card)
  8.      Right click on the Bingo Card and select print.
  9.      Repeat for each child.

Once you've printed them, cut them out.  Write one letter per space until all the spaces are filled using only letters from the child's name. 

I made my own calling cards with all the letters of the alphabet on 2x2 squares of cardstock. I put the capital letter on one side and the lower case on the other.  You could also use letter flashcards, or point to letters that may already be hanging in your classroom.

You can laminate the bingo cards, or use them as is.

I like to use cheerios for our bingo games. 

To play the game:

  1. Hand out the cards. 
  2. Tell the children that when you pick a letter that's on their card they can put a cheerio on the letter. 
  3. Show & say the name of the letter.  Point out the capital and a lower case for each letter. 
  4. When a child gets 3 in a row give them a prize.  I like to use stickers.  I put the stickers right on their bingo card. 


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